Reading Group Series: Vote Inside for Next Book


We’re going to be doing more reading groups! In this post, we explain why and take some steps to organize our next one.

Thank you to @zube.paul, @Ines_Santos_Silva, @Yesh, and @eleventh for putting this reading group together.


The last reading group organized by @eleventh was a huge success! Over 15 people participated in live discussion and the author came by our community call to talk about the book. (We’re having more discussions on the same book and registration is still open!)

More generally, these reading groups provide a synchronous way for the SCRF community to learn and discuss together. The reading groups should select books or topics that are pertinent to the work we are doing and can help us improve.

These types of discussions often help participants gain a deeper understanding of the material, consider new perspectives, and feel rewarded. They can also provide a way to grow our community by being an inviting space for newcomers to mingle with long-time SCRFers.

Next Steps

  1. Vote on a book
  2. Pick the first discussion date (early September)
  3. Solidify discussion format, facilitator, and forum outputs


Three books were selected that should be informative and engaging. Any of these books are excellent resources for gaining a lot of Ethereum ecosystem context quickly.

This poll allows voting for multiple books and will be open for 10 days until August 16th. 2022-08-06T04:00:00Z2022-08-16T04:00:00Z

Which book should we read next?

  • The Infinite Machine
  • The Cryptopians
  • Radical Friends

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Thank you!

Additional Considerations


We’ll need to pick the date of our first session. We want to get started in early September and then run regular sessions to read sections of the book until we have finished it.

For example, we could read a third of the book and meet to discuss every two weeks. Depending on the book, we could do more or less sessions and depending on the group, we could meet weekly or monthly.

An example timeline could be like the below:

  • September 6th: Book Part 1
  • September 20th: Book Part 2
  • October 4th: Book Part 3 and overall thoughts


Each session will have

  • A facilitator who is responsible for taking and sharing notes on the reading prior to the session. They should also prepare discussion questions. Example by @eleventh here
  • A note-taker who will summarize discussion and post it to the forum. Example by @Muhammad here

As a bonus, we could also have a synthesizer who after book completion summarizes discussion across all sessions and provides some thoughts on lessons SCRF can apply.

Please DM me if you’re interested in taking on any of these roles, would love to hear from you! (ufkhan97#4345 on discord)


All notes should live somewhere on the forum. Each book should have it’s own thread where pre-session and post-session notes can be found.


Voting has now closed. The winner is ‘The Infinite Machine’ by Camila Russo! We will read this book in September. Look out for more details soon


What does the reading group entails and whats its motive?..incase one is interested to participate therein

You can check out the intricacies and purpose of the reading group at the bottom of this thread!

Hi kingdamieth!

This reading group’s motive is to learn more about Web3. The book ‘The Infinite Machine’ will teach us about the history of Ethereum, how it was founded, who was involved, what problems they faced, and how they overcame them. We’ll discuss it together to share what we thought of the book and all our different ways of looking at it. The Merge is happening next month so I think this is very timely.

It’s very easy to get involved! Obtain a copy of the book, read the designated section, and then come to the session to discuss. We’ll be getting started with this reading group in September and I’ll soon post the call schedule :smiley:

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks Angle for sharing this resource!

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Thanks for sharing

I would love to be a part of the reading group.

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Hi @kingdamieth @Idara_Effiong please check out the thread that just went up on the reading group :smiley:

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@UmarKhanEth I wish to be part of this reading group, I also tried getting the book but it’s not loading anything else, though when I tap about the book it loads and shows the information, but Get the book doesn’t load up. How do I solve this issue ?

That’s strange. Sorry about that. Try these links for The Infinite Machine:

Please let me know if you’re still having trouble