Reading Group: Impact Networks - June 27th/Community Call June 30th


We’re organizing the first of what I’m calling the ‘How to SCRF Better’ Reading Group. The goal here is to delve into some content that can help us think about how to more effectively achieve our mission. The first book we’re getting into is Impact Networks by David Ehrlichman on June 27th, which will then be followed by David joining us during our community call on June 30th.

Some more info

Book: Impact Networks by David Ehrlichman

Date: June 27th 11a MST for 60 minutes

Goal: Discuss Impact Networks in the context of SCRF and our mission

Rationale for picking this: This book has been very influential on my thinking of what SCRF is trying to accomplish in terms of systematically supporting research. I believe that applying this lens on what we are doing and what we want to do will help crystalize a different way of looking at our mission and will help us understand the first steps to take to accomplish our core mission. I also think that this framework of impact networks will help think through what value we could be providing the web3 research ecosystem as a whole as we experiment with the idea of Decentralized Research Centers.

Additional content:

I’m also putting together some notes on the book. I’m shooting for these to be ready by June 20th. Contributors at SCRF are welcome to request access to this doc, which will be replaced with a public link (or I’ll add it to this post) once the notes are ready.


@eleventh This is an excellent idea for the latest event of the Reading Group on SCRF. I wonder if there is a session for the APAC team like the SCRFers in Taiwan to join the discussion. (11 am MST is quite late in Taiwan).

By the way, @Tony_Siu, Are you interested in this Reading Group? We have some experience in GDSC and SQAI as well, and maybe it will help with the discussion.


I’d be happy to host another session that’s more timezone friendly for APAC. Happy to do a morning or evening in early July. I’ll email you and Twan to get it planned


I have the book and I am reading it before the talk! Do we have a list of questions for discussion?