About the Community category


The SCRF community is a diverse network of researchers, builders, and crypto-enthusiasts from across the globe. As much as we enjoy gathering on this forum to discuss the latest research, we also enjoy reading together, staying informed about other communities, and continuing discussions we started on our calls.

This category is a place where the SCRF community’s activity can have an output. It is a readily-visible, on-forum, long-tail space for contributions that support the growth and value of our community.

This includes

  • Reading Groups: where we pick a book or article to read and have synchronous discussions. Outputs from this include pre-discussion notes on the reading and a summary of the discussion which took place.
  • Community Guilds: where our Guilds report on their meetings and activities
  • Community Calls: where we meet weekly for presentations followed by discussion
  • Comment of the Month: a recurring program where the SCRF users nominate and award great comments on the forum
  • SCRF Recommends: where our community has gathered valuable resources for entering and learning about web3
  • Notable Works and Key Questions: where we maintain a list of the most valuable research resources on the best practices for community building

Are you new to SCRF?

Come join our discord chat and introduce yourself! Our chat is a more casual space for conversation and where a lot of our core team gathers around the water cooler. Please come in and get to know us!


Nice write up @zube.paul this should guide all new members through. To all new members, you can also ask questions in the ? questions channel on the discord server, also follow https://mobile.twitter.com/SCRForum on Twitter

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