Comment of the Month: December 2022

Comment of the Month honors the most insightful, informative, and provocative comments posted to the SCRF Forum in a given month as selected by our community. High quality forum contributions are hard work, and Comment of the Month recognizes the care and effort put into these contributions by selecting the top three comments, chosen by our community in a public poll, awarding them a DAI prize, and highlighting them on our social media outlets.

To nominate a comment, reply to this post with a link to the comment being nominated and a short description of your reasons for selecting it. The following guidelines might also be helpful in supporting nominations:

  • Comment provided a particularly thoughtful question
  • Comment provided and explained external quality sources to support ideas
  • Comment included engagement with comments and elaborated on previous ideas
  • Comment provides a summary of discussion or raises new points in the discussion
  • Comment accurately applies the research and discussion to a current event or industry trend.
  • Comment increases understanding of the original research or helps clarify confusions.

At the end of the month, these nominations will be put into a poll and voting will be open to our community.


I’m nominating this discussion cohort comment by @19charles54 for two resons:

  1. It elaborated on the idea of incentives as a tool for encouraging culture in DAOs through giving insights on how to achieve it.

  2. It also increases understanding of the main idea of culture and incentives in DAOs.


I’m also nominating this comment by @Chrisarch for deepening the understanding of Rollup Escape Hatches and for asking thought-provoking questions.


I’m nominating

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