Comment of the Month: November 2022

Comment of the Month honors the most insightful, informative, and provocative comments posted to the SCRF Forum in a given month. High quality forum contributions are hard work, and Comment of the Month recognizes the care and effort put into these contributions by selecting the top three comments, chosen by our community in a public poll, awarding them a DAI prize, and highlighting them on our social media outlets.

To nominate a comment, reply to this post with a link to the comment being nominated and a short description of your reasons for selecting it. The following guidelines might also be helpful in supporting nominations:

  • Comment provided a particularly thoughtful question
  • Comment provided and explained external quality sources to support ideas
  • Comment included engagement with comments and elaborated on previous ideas
  • Comment provides a summary of discussion or raises new points in the discussion
  • Comment accurately applies the research and discussion to a current event or industry trend.
  • Comment increases understanding of the original research or helps clarify confusions.

At the end of the month, these nominations will be put into a poll and voting will be open to our community.


I am nominating this comment because of it’s breakdown on stable-coins,highlighting the weakness,strengths, restrictions and a concluding solution to the system’s weaknesses.


I am nominating @Favvz for this extensive comment answering a question about enhancing oracle reliability. This comment provides a great answer to the question and introduces key considerations to analyze oracle reliability. This comment also examines a few projects that are currently operating in the web3 ecosystem and explains them in the context of oracle reliability.

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I am nominating @Samuel94 for their analysis of a sandwich attack. In addition to working through an example of a a sandwich attack, this post also put forward additional solutions or behaviors users could adopt. These are good points to continue the conversation around Kyber DMM.


Thank you @zube.paul for nominating me for comments of the Month. Well appreciated


Thank you for the nomination @zube.paul.


Thank you @GloriaOkoba for nominating me as comment of the month, I appreciate you

I am nominating @Henry for their comment on the Collaborative Learning for Cyberattack Detection thread.

In this comment, Henry describes two challenges to Machine Learning intrusion detections in decentralized environments.


Thank you @zube.paul, for nominating me for the comment of the Month. Most grateful


I’m nominating this comment from @Lanedot for two reasons:

  1. It elaborates on the idea of vulnerability in Kyber DMM

  2. It raises an important question about the profitability of sandwich attacks.


@Ulysses, thank you for nominating me for the comment of the Month.

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This comment by @Ulysses presented a clear and illustrative context in explaining Chainlink. He also referred to some external sources which speak volume to the original post.

I hereby nominate it for the comment of the month.


November 2022 Comment of the Month Poll

Below are the nominees for the Novemeber 2022 Comment of the Month. You should be able to vote for no more than 2 nominees. This poll will close in 10 days.

  • @humphery: An analysis of stablecoins dynamics that helped clarify a prior observation. Follow the link for the full comment.
  • @Favvz: A thorough description on who to enhance oracle node reliability. Follow the link for the full comment.
  • @Samuel94: An analysis of a sandwich attack and user behaviors to protect against them. Follow the link for the full comment.
  • @Henry: A description of two challenges to Machin Learning intrusions detections. Follow the link for the full comment.
  • @Lanedot: Raises important questions about sandwich attack profitability and Kyber DMM vulnerability. Follow the link for the full comment.
  • @Ulysses: A thorough explanation of Chainlink’s function for smart contracts. Follow the link for the full comment.

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