Notable Works in Cryptography

SCRF is crowd-sourcing a list of key readings in each forum category to point readers to notable works and foundational research. Please comment in this thread with links to seminal research that could form part of an introductory graduate seminar in this category.

Please format your additions using the template below:

## [Category Name]

### [Full Paper Title]

- **Source:** <[Link]>
- **Authors:** [Author 1, Author 2, etc.]
- **Description:** [One sentence description of the work]
- **Relevance:** [Once sentence explaining the special relevance of this work]
- **Citation:** [Citation and abstract in plaintext]
- **Tags:** [Relevant forum tags, if any]

As with every post in SCRF, a discussion is highly encouraged, please be prepared to explain why your link should be added to the canonical list.

We are also offering a bounty for all successful additions.

Notable Works in Cryptography