Investigating the Impact of the Blockchain on the Governance and Sustainability of NGOs in Africa

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Investigating the Impact of the Blockchain on the Governance and Sustainability of NGOs in Africa.

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    The objectives of the study are to establish (i) the possibility that the utilisation of blockchain technology could improve the governance and sustainability of NGOs on the African continent. How the Blockchain and its technologies impacts this sector, and what factors facilitates its speedier adoption. The study will focus on the NGOs with a mission in development aid. Smart contracts, refugee tracing, supply chain are amongst the use cases to be researched with this context. This is the beginning stages of my research for my PhD, and I will be posting updates and info on my research every 3-4 months.

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From the context of this, it appears this is a project you are actively working on as opposed to looking to summarize for the forum. Is that correct? That might mean a slightly different trajectory for this post idea, but I’m still interested in some of the ideas you are bringing up here.

Would you mind going into a little more depth on your methodology or your thoughts on your methodology?

I’m also interested in why you are specifically focusing on NGOs. What’s motivating that?

Thanks in advance for engaging around your own original ideas and welcome to the forum!


Thanks @zube.paul for your interest and feedback. I am a newbie on the forum, and it should have been indicated as discussion. You are correct in that I am actively working on it, I would need to chat with some folk that I know on the forum as to correcting it.

The research idea is borne out of the technological progress that the blockchain ecosystem brings to the world. And the many ways that it could impact the world of NGOs. The idea is to connect supposed digital complexity with simplicity of humanitarian need. Decentralised functioning, DeFi, supply chain management through the blockchain ecosystem. Refugee tracing through app design, record keeping and financial management through smart ledger technology, etc. The impact of these blockchain factors is what will form part of my research.

As per my research methodology, I had originally gone for mixed research design but have since been guided to go for a quantitative design. The advice has been to make a novel contribution and utilise pure design science in my research. Which is best achieved through a quantitative methodology. With this I have had to start from over with my research strategy, but despite the restart, I put it out on the forum to share my journey. And listen to the insights.


From a logistics perspective, I’m going to change your category from Post Idea to Governance and Coordination as long as you are not opposed to that. It seems like a better fit to me.

Thank you for laying out a little more of what you are working on. You mentioned you would do some periodic updates along the way, so I am looking forward to that. While you are working along at this, it might be valuable if you find anything that would be considered a Notable Work in the governance category here. To me, there is a lot of value in sharing bibliographies for future researchers as well.

In passing, I know that a few people at SCRF has expressed interest in how blockchain might impact/benefit refugee populations. Public tracing can have some double-edged dynamics for refugees I would imagine. Do you have any initial thoughts or research on this benefit/privacy balance that refugees might have to maintain? Or do you think that that balance is not really the precise balance to be concerned about?

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Thanks @zube.paul for your assistance in moving my post to the right category. I have no objection at all and appreciate your assistance.

The issue of privacy rights related to refugee tracing is quite an ethical dilemma. The fast progress of technology has not done so in pace with privacy rights, human rights and ethics. This is a “precise balance to be concerned about”, and the aim of my research is to focus on this “balance” and what is its positive or negative impact on NGOs. And on the recipients of their humanitarian efforts. Its a research area that cannot be omitted from my study.


Since this is based on Africa, what are the actual gains or impact of blockchain on governance since the introduction of eNaira by the Central Bank of Nigeria to Nigerians considering the worthless state of the Naira in the international market? I feel we aren’t going anywhere with this as the naira value goes from bad to worse.

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