Notable Works in Governance and Coordination

CTA: SCRF is building a list of key readings in each category area to orient researchers to notable works and previous research. Please comment in this thread with links to seminal research that would form part of an introductory graduate seminar in this category. Please include a 1) a brief summary of what the link is and 2) the rationale for including this particular piece in the SCRF Notable Works reading list. As with every post in SCRF, a discussion is highly encouraged. Please review one another’s suggestions and include your own. Syllabi and curated lists from other sources are also welcome.

Quadratic Voting: How Mechanism Design Can Radicalize Democracy

  • Steven Lalley and E. Glen Weyl
  • Individuals pay for as many votes as they wish using a number of “voice credits” quadratic in the votes they buy.
  • A canonical work that has inspired much discussion and design in emerging crypto protocol design.

An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy.” Journal of Political Economy

  • Downs, Anthony
  • Introduces the modern rational voter theory
  • Creates a framework for understanding the utility value of voting

Liquid Democracy: An Algorithmic Perspective

  • Kahng, Mackenzie and Procaccia
  • A study on liquid democracy to determine if it leads to better decision making than direct voting.
  • Liquid democracy is an active area of exploration in crypto networks.
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Decentralized Network Governance: Blockchain Technology and the Future of Regulation