Admin Keys to own Smart Contracts

I have a basic question about admin keys.
EOAs are controlled by Private Keys.
Contract Accounts can not be controlled, as they are autonomous Smart Contracts.
So how can an Admin Key be implemented to „own“ and update Smart Contracts?

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Thanks for the question, @Dave. These type of questions are not really what our forum is designed around, however. Most of the posts on the forum are related to research in some way and the applicability or expansion of that research in the Web3 space. You might have more success with questions like these in our chat. You might also find other forums/sites more useful for these types of questions.

It’s great to have you on the forum, so hopefully you will stick around and contribute application oriented questions to some of the research being summarized and discussed. here.

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Thanks Paul! I will do so.

Regards, David

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@Dave please take a look at this resource on Admin Keys and Proxies: Access Control - OpenZeppelin Docs

OpenZeppelin is the industry standard for smart contract access control.

There’s also a great paper on the topic if you want to summarize it and get a deeper understanding of contract maintenance and application governance :slight_smile:


That’s a great recommendation to @Dave regarding summarizing a paper as a way to get depth here too. Thanks for the recommendation, @cipherix. There is information on how to apply for a Research Summary Grant on our GitHub repo.


The paper @cipherix just got summarized and posted.