Research Summary Idea: Smart Contract Security- A Practitioner's Perspective(2021)

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“Smart Contract Security: A Practitioners’ Perspective”

Z. Wan, X. Xia, D. Lo, J. Chen, X. Luo and X. Yang, “Smart Contract Security: A Practitioners’ Perspective,” 2021 IEEE/ACM 43rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) , 2021, pp. 1410-1422, doi: 10.1109/ICSE43902.2021.00127.

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    Smart Contract Security: A Practitioners' Perspective | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

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    Security & Auditing

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    solidity, smart contract auditing, auditing, security, smart contract security, ethereum

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    To date, not much research has been done into current best practices of smart contract security auditing across the major firms such as Trail of Bits, Consensys Diligence, and Quantstamp. As for education of aspiring devs, there are CTF exercises like CaptureTheEther and Ethernauts, but these are not up to date on the latest attacks. This paper summarizes qualitative and quantitative analysis of current practices for smart contract security auditing, including “13 interviewees and 156 survey respondents from 35 countries across six continents”. It amalgamates all of their findings in one paper. Summarizing it for SCRF would be a step towards democratizing and demystifying smart contract security auditing practices and taking a temperature of current practitioner’s methods of protecting smart contracts from attacks.

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H. Assal and S. Chiasson, “Security in the software development lifecycle”, Proceedings of the 14th Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS ’18) , pp. 281-296, 2018.
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@maxgrok - Thank you so much for posting this. The SCRF research team has discussed your idea, and we agree it would make an excellent summary. We would like to offer you a summary grant to compensate you for the time it will take to write it. If you send me a DM, I’d be happy to get the process started. For more information about the grants program in general please see: docs/ at main · smartcontractresearchforum/docs · GitHub

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