What is a SCRF Citizen and How To Claim Your Badge!

gm gm SCRF Community:) I’m very excited to share with you a new process and tool we are rolling out as part of a pilot program to explore the use of reputation NFTs and contributor badges at SCRF.

tldr; Claim your SCRF Citizen badge and help us pilot the future of reputation based governance. Signal to the community you are a contributor at SCRF and you are Web3 open science ninja and take it seriously (but not too seriously because you also have a great sense of humor. What SCRF Citizen doesn’t!?) :sunglasses:

Claim your badge here! :point_right: SCRF Citizen by Smart Contract Research Forum | 101 :point_left:


Over the last couple months the core contributor team and myself have been exploring various reputation management and badging systems that could help enhance community experience and provide ways to recognize contribution on-chain. This led us down a rabbit hole of web3 tooling solutions and ultimately we decided to remain platform agnostic and experiment with many of them until we find a solution that makes sense. One of the tools we are piloting is 101.xyz (Here is a great 30 second video on what 101.xyz is 30 second demo - YouTube)

The first use case we will be rolling out is token gating certain channels in Discord leveraging a SCRF Citizen badge. The badges are minted on Polygon and yours to keep. Going forward this SCRF Citizenship path will be standard in our onboarding process for new members interested in taking the next step in their contributor journey at SCRF.

For those who Github access you can see this thread for more context :point_down: If you don’t have Github now worry see the screenshot below for additional context. Alright let’s make you a Citizen!

Github project discussion thread

How to claim your badge

Note this will require the use of a metamask wallet that is on Polygon. See this link to download a metamask wallet: https://metamask.io/download/ and here is a good link explaining how to import the Polygon network into your metamask:Add Polygon Network | Polygon Technology | Documentation

  1. Go to this link SCRF Citizen by Smart Contract Research Forum | 101 and connect your wallet
  2. It will prompt you to create a 101.xyz account if you do not have it. Create the account and proceed with the course.
  3. Complete the course and VERY simple 1 item quiz. This whole course should take 2-3 minutes max. Don’t overthink it!
  4. Claim your badge on Polygon! You are done! Welcome fellow Citizen :saluting_face:

What happens next?

Stay tuned for more posts to help explain the roadmap of where we are going with these experiments! And please provide feedback and comment below!


Claimed my badge! Great to see the web3 implementations expanding!


My Badge

I’m good to go…


Badge successfully claimed

Intitally thought it will involve a gas fee.


This actually nice, good job @reneedaos
Easy access

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Badge claimed…

Awaiting the next phase.


Link not opening presently, is it still available? Says site can’t be reached

This is Awesome ,nice work

Good to see so many people interacting with the Citizenship quest. In addition to working through how it works, this might be a great place to explore what we as a community think good SCRF citizenship means.

I think this is important for two reasons. The first is for the health of our own community, establishing what citizenship means and having a discussion about how that aligns with mission/vision seems to be a good periodic discussion to have. Citizenship, to me at least, is not just about being part of a community but also implies a step beyond including responsibilities to being a citizen. What are they?

The other reason I think this is a good discussion to have is that as a community and organization that embraces public experiments, here is one we are actively doing by using a tool to accomplish a task of badging and recognizing “citizens.” Discussing that experience is mission aligned in that it provides value to the web3 ecosystem who can also learn from our tool and approach experiments.

So here are my initial questions of interest I would like to see us explore in this thread.

  • What are the responsibilities/opportunities that comes with SCRF citizenship?
  • How does citizenship in our community align with our mission and vision?
  • Does this badge/process reflect what we would expect from and want for our community and organization?

Looking forward to the discussion!


Try to use a VPN, or toggle your network.

Got it! Cool program, thank you!

Badge claimed. Thank you.

101 is great, glad you are using them. I have a course on their as well if anyone is bored (Educoin is the creator)

It is always cool when there is something that reflects the identity of the community. This is very laudable and can be expanded to incorporate core values of learning and research in the web3 space.

I claimed my badge!

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Would be so cool to see the badges displayed on profiles here on discourse :kissing_closed_eyes:

In response to Paul’s questions about what it means to be a SCRF citizen, I’d like to weigh in from a community perspective.

In taking this badge, you are showing in a verifiable and undeniable way that you are a part of and represent this community. The action of attaining this badge means more than having a cool icon to display. The choice to mint this badge should at least cause us to consider what it means to be a part of SCRF.

Firstly, being a part SCRF means that we have an interest in engaging in high level conversation about research and research based projects. I feel that this is the base assumption that can be made about our community, seeing as this is what SCRF provides. Whether this engagement comes in the form of research summaries and it’s discussion, joining community calls, or active reading and listening is up to the individual. I’m not here to diminish anyone’s idea of what it is to participate at SCRF.

What I am here to say is that given the verifiable affiliation with SCRF, it should be expected that we act with a respectable demeanor. Most people already do this, but to simply explain what I mean I give a few examples:

  • Act cordial to your fellow community members
  • Do not diminish anyone else’s work (critical discourse is great, but don’t be hateful about it)
  • Represent the community well to outside people

The point I’m trying to get across is that we want to be a well respected organization and we want our members to feel safe. I feel that the concept of the SCRF Citizen Badge fits right into the talks on reputation that we have been having lately. The SCRF community should have a good reputation!

Does anyone feel the same way I do? If not, please do give your thoughts on this.


badge claimed ,i apprecate