View-based Federated Byzantine Agreement System(vFBAS)

View-based Federated Byzantine Agreement System(vFBAS)

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    Consensus algorithm, Stellar Consensus Protocol(SCP), Federated Byzantine Agreement System(FBAS)

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    FBAS, introduced by Stellar foundation, provides a brand new idea to consortium chains using PBFT, Tendermint, and HotStuff as their backbone. Nodes following FBAS settings is granted a much higher level of flexibility in terms of trusted peers. With the trade-off of slower throughput, trusts in FBAS is more similar to a real-world one. SCP being an implementation of FBAS used by Stellar does not has the most impressive throughput and thus has a certain level of scalability issue. vFBAS, introduced by this paper, modifies SCP such that its throughput is greatly improved under the condition of less Byzantine behaviors. Conditions like environmental monitoring blockchain where nodes may not believe in every other yet with little incentive to be malicious can take an advantage of this consensus algorithm.

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    vFBAS.pdf (1.1 MB)


This paper was presented in Technical Sessions #5 of BRAINS 2021. @Sean1992076 and I are honored to have co-authored with you @Yen. Looking forward to seeing the research summary for it!


Yen, we’d like to invite you to write this as a research summary. Please contact me directly on our Discord and I’ll give you the details.