Thursday Community Call Recap

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly Thursday Community Call Thread. We really want to engage our community to think and learn about new topics in these calls. Unfortunately not everyone gets a chance to attend the call and those that do don’t always get a chance to speak due to time constraints.
There is value in continuing the types of conversation we start in these calls. We don’t want the call to be the last time people engage with the topics addressed. We want to enrich your days with inspiration and open eyes to new concepts. These topics might be applicable to some of your works or spark a personal interest. It is our goal to facilitate new ideas and creative thinking through this thread.

Community Call Link: SCRF Community Call - August 25, 2022 - Active Blockference Project - YouTube

If you have thoughts on these main questions, please do share!

8/25 Community Call Recap:

This week we had two presenters from the Active Inference Institute - Jakub Smékal and Daniel Ari Friedman (apologies if I did not get the spelling quite right)

They gave us an overview of the concept of Active Inference and its potential applications in blockchain and the world at large. Active Inference, simply put, is the a way of describing how biological entities interact in their environment. The underlying framework is built on the Hamilton principle - that objects moving along a trajectory follow the trajectory of least energy. This is applied to specific entities in a niche environment to determine their course of action, whether optimized or not. An analysis of sensory input is taken and the output is the entity’s action. Everything in between is considered cognition.

Sticking to our main point of focus here at SCRF, blockchain, some questions to think about further arose.

  • What are the entities in the blockchain space?

  • What is sensory perception?

  • What is the active cognitive belief that occurs as well as the inaction of belief?

  • What impact is made on niches (the environment)?

  • How do these concepts play into DeSci?

  • What DeSci systems could emerge from application of Active inference?

If you feel inspired by any of these questions or have a point about other portions of the call, please discuss below.


Interested in more? Join the Active Inference Institute Discord: Active Inference Institute

Further investigation links:

An open-source Python package that assists in the processes of designing, testing and validating complex systems through simulation. Used in Active Inferance modeling.

Active Inference & Behavior Engineering for Teams
Research article that suggests Systems Engineering provides guidelines to define the functions of Ontologies, Narratives, Formal documents, and Tools (ONFT) within the context of the life cycle of any System of Interest

Epistemic Communities under Active Inference
Research article that uses an active inference framework to provide an in silico model of confirmation bias and its effect on echo-chamber formation.

“Through others we become ourselves”: The dialectics of predictive coding and active inference
Research article that focusing on the empirical, computational, and conceptual investigation of the multiscale dynamics of social interaction

Active Entity Ontology for Science
Identifying variables that go into models for Active Inference


Thanks for the recap @Angle

The introduction was warm and welcoming :smiley:

I was late to the call and had some connection issues so I missed the beginning and their explanation of Active Inference.

Just like I remarked on the call, I’m still wrapping my head around DeSci, Active Inference and what they mean for/to the blockchain community.

That said, my key takeaway from the call is that active inference can help agents/contributors work in a productive system that can be modelled.

And that’s pretty neat imo.

The questions you asked are interesting… I don’t have the answers, but I would like to know what others think about the concept.

Looking forward to more discussions on this topic.

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@Angle Great summary and nice to see discussion on community call summary posted here for members who were absent to read through. I am.fascinated by the brief explanation of active inference and your first questions on " what are the entities in blockchain space"…I will carryout research on the question.


Thank you @angle for the brief explanation on the subject matter, same is sound and I agree with your ideas and your reasoning as well as posting same on this thread for further explanation on the new concept which is for the benefits of those who were absent. When I miss a community call I used to watch the video via YouTube because SCRF will always upload it on YouTube which I believe serves good for those that missed the community call, extending it on this platform to me is a good development. I have also looked at your questions and same are good. I would do a research on one of the questions and then discuss
Thanks for the resources.


The link has been added for those who wish to watch the call!

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