Thursday Community Call Recap 9.22.22

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly Thursday Community Call Thread. We really want to engage our community to think and learn about new topics in these calls. Unfortunately not everyone gets a chance to attend the call and those that do don’t always get a chance to speak due to time constraints.
There is value in continuing the types of conversation we start in these calls. We don’t want the call to be the last time people engage with the topics addressed. We want to enrich your days with inspiration and open eyes to new concepts. These topics might be applicable to some of your works or spark a personal interest. It is our goal to facilitate new ideas and creative thinking through this thread.

Community Call Link: Openness vs. Process in Web3 - SCRF Community Call

9/8 Community Call Recap:

I would highly recommend coming back to watch the video once it is posted! Don’t worry, I will notify you when its out :slight_smile:

This community call was intended to discuss and plan around how we would like to organize project management (PM) at SCRF. Additionally, we discussed some of the broader organizations of PM in traditional and decentralized organizations.

Ines gave us a presentation about the current state of SCRF PM, which you can find in the video.

Some things to consider about this process though, is that it is still a work in progress and we would like your feedback or insight on how to make the SCRF process better.

Our projects have a simple process thus far:

  1. Propose a new project
  2. What do we need to do for this project?

What we want to guarantee about these projects is that:

  • We have transparency (who, what, when)
  • We do not lose information
  • We know how to work together given the decentralized organization of SCRF
  • People derive value from the process

We also want to know:

  • Does the project align with our mission, vision, and goals?
  • How many resources will this project take?

A few points about our PM that we would like feedback from you about:

  • When looking at SCRF projects that you have been a part of, or have observed taking place, has it been clear the path to take? Is there anything we could do better?
  • How can we automate our projects?
  • Is there a particular way you would like to see our projects organized?
  • Is there a way we can improve the path/onboarding for people to contribute to projects?

Questions about broad PM and organization

  • What constitutes a DAO?
  • What role does SCRF play in starting discussion of broader web3 processes?
  • What does a process need to look like to best convey a narrative?

If any of these spark your interest or you have other questions / thoughts, please discuss below!

I will post the SCRF resources for these processes as soon as I get them