Thursday Community Call Recap 11.10.22

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly Thursday Community Call Thread. We really want to engage our community to think and learn about new topics in these calls. Unfortunately not everyone gets a chance to attend the call and those that do don’t always get a chance to speak due to time constraints.
There is value in continuing the types of conversation we start in these calls. We don’t want the call to be the last time people engage with the topics addressed. We want to enrich your days with inspiration and open eyes to new concepts. These topics might be applicable to some of your works or spark a personal interest. It is our goal to facilitate new ideas and creative thinking through this thread.

Community Call Link: SCRF Mission and Vision - SCRF Community Call

11/10 Community Call Recap:

This week’s community call was a continuation of the SCRF mission and vision conversation that began some weeks ago. It was primarily spurred from the intention to discuss the recent news around the collapse of FTX. You can find the previous discussion here

We started a discussion about how we should approach things such as the recent FTX happenings in terms of our mission and vision - being that this event is very centric to the finance side of crypto, so how do we turn that into something that aligns with our values?
There are a few elements to these kinds of things that we can find a balance to include in our discussion on the forum.

  • There are clear financial implications of smart contracts that we can approach from a research perspective
  • Understanding the use of data in a scenario of speculation and modeling other conversations in a similar way
  • Simply having a place to discuss data based speculation in a long form way
  • Providing a service that highlights independent researchers providing valuable content around these types of events
  • Create and give badges for valuable curation of research surrounding events
  • Providing pathways with these badges for people to launch their career and credibility

A few questions to consider from the call

  • Are people interested in a community call about badging?
  • How else can we approach these types of events to create something valuable that aligns with SCRF’s mission and vision

If any of these spark your interest or you have other questions / thoughts, please discuss below!


Thanks for this question @Angle yes poeple are interested in community call especially the first timers i.e those that want to know more about the platform and how it works but most a times we get disappointed,for example when I was first introduced into the platform I was excited and I wanted to know more About the platform, so the first Time I engaged in the community call I was confused and could not understand anything they are talking about, if There is any way they can filter the words and make it plane for poeple to understand most especially the first timers They will not be discouraged to join next time,and also By badging is not really good because everyone is entitle to there Own opinion let there Be an opportunity given to everyone to speak there own mind,then out of everyone’s mind you pick out the best.thank you