SCRF Weekly Community Calls


SCRF hosts open, weekly community calls so interested community members can meet, learn about SCRF, and discover new ways to get involved.

We discuss what people are working on, hear about community project proposals, and talk about how SCRF can best support the blockchain research ecosystem.


You can learn more about SCRF here.

Check out our current grant opportunities here.

Call Details

There are two calls to make it easier for community members around the world to connect.

To see which call works best for you, check our public calendar or hop into the #general channel in our chat to get updates.


For new members:

  • What brings you here?
  • What are you working on?

Running agenda:

  • Answering forum/SCRF related questions
  • How to contribute
  • Grants
  • Any project ideas for SCRF?

Tell us how we can make these calls better! Let us know in the comments here, or on our Discord