SCRF Help Wanted


The Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) has many initiatives on the go and is looking for support across different functions. At a high-level, work at SCRF is split into two categories: Research and Project Management. Research includes any work that relates to the content that makes it to the forum, any support extended to research groups, and any programs that are meant to train individuals to produce research content. To get a sense for the research content underway at SCRF, please refer to the Content Pipeline.

Otherwise, Project Management relates to everything else at SCRF including seeding and advancing conversations pertaining to the research content, growing the community, supporting partnership development, increasing our external discoverability and General Project Management. The Project Board can be viewed for current and proposed projects across SCRF.

Learn More About SCRF

SCRF is an interactive forum supported by an active international community. SCRF’s members work together to advance actionable blockchain research. Learn more about SCRF, and discover ways to get involved.

Open Positions

A current listing of Open Positions can be found on SCRF’s GitHub page.

To express interest in an open position, refer a friend for a project, or find out how to support SCRF, please reach out to In the email, note what interests you at SCRF and how you would like to get involved.