SCRF Content Tags

This document details the process for tags that will appear in the forum and contains up-to-date information on who does what, where to find resources, and when things should happen.

What is this?

This is a list of topics that represent SCRF’s best and most up-to-date framework for organizing content. These represent content area tags that are not specific to any particular category of the forum.

How will these be used?

The average SCRF reader will be able to use these tags to search for specific content, filter categories by subtopics and genres, and ‘crawl’ from post to post in the forum by finding related content to what is in a given post by clicking on its tags. This should also give the reader an immediate signal on what a given post is primarily about, improving the reading experience.

Note: Researchers generating content for the forum may only select from the previously approved list of tags when submitting work to the forum.

How should I propose a new tag? Or edit an existing tag?

The source material for the master tag list lives in GitHub.

Once consensus has been achieved on the forum about new tags or changes to tags then a pull request can be submitted to GitHub and a moderator will review the change with the content team and the request will either be merged or rejected with feedback.

What should I do? How can I engage with this list?

Researchers may add to the forum thread below to propose and discuss additions or edits to the list. This is meant to be a living document. Tags and associated definitions are not set in stone and by no means do we expect the first iteration of this list to be complete or even mostly correct. We ask and encourage all forum participants to contribute to our taxonomy and help make this list better. We would love to see active discussion and disagreement even about what the appropriate terms are to describe forum content and what the most accurate definitions are for those terms.


After a discussion with @cipherix, I believe a tag for “Sybil-protection” or “Sybil attack-resistant” or “Sybil attack” may be useful for the forum. It is important to articulate the difference between something that is Sybil-attack resistant vs. BFT in that they perform similar functions but the means of preserving node integrity are slightly different.


Great suggestion. I think there are some past posts that reference Sybil attacks that could be tagged and I can easily envision future content using this tag. Can you go ahead and submit a pull request for this?

I have added “sybil-protection” to our tags and tagged this post accordingly: Research Summary - Chainlink: A Decentralized Oracle Network

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