Research Summary: What is a DAO? Conceptual Foundations

Great summary. Thank you for the simple but highly potent post. The discussions/commentary on this post is quite enlightening. For example, I was reading through the MetaCred link and observed that it mentions that the MetaCred team would be kept lean with only about 12 people. Since the communities function like partnerships, would legally-wrapped DAOs with leaner communities have less conflict?


If the law protects the DAO and its rules and regulations are followed, members of the DAO are less likely to be at odds with each other. However, in order for this to be successful, all of the members of the DAO need to contribute to and be in agreement with, the process of developing the DAO’s guidelines.

This indicates that as the DAO expands in size, it will become increasingly difficult to successfully complete the process of “legal wrapping” the DAO.

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