Research Summary Template


    1-3 bullets that distill the most condensed information about the key takeaways, notable results, or novel methodologies of this research paper


  • A journal-style citation (MLA, APA, IEEE, etc.) of the authors. The precise format is not pre-determined, but please be as consistent / standardized as possible.


  • A link to the original research source on a non-paywall host, can be a SCRF-native host.

Core Research Question

  • Concise 1 sentence statement of the core question being considered in the research paper


  • Provide some context about the concepts and domain space(s) discussed in the research paper.


  • A section that includes 1-2 sentence summarization of each of the key sections of the original research paper.


  • First, describe the general approach of the paper (e.g scientific experiment, data/modeling, mathematical proofs).
  • Second, outline the key steps that the researchers undertook to perform the study.
  • For each key step, summarize the nature of the specific approach that the researchers used to complete each step (e.g. statistical test, logic proof, data-driven model).


  • Highlight the most salient components of the work product or findings produced by the researchers.
  • Include any key graphs, tables, data, or other annotations/appendices that clearly communicate the results.

Discussion & Key Takeaways

  • Summarize any discussion/commentary sections included by the researchers. Identify the most concise description of any perspectives or viewpoints the researchers explored in this section.

  • Summarize the conclusions or key takeaways as included by the researchers.

Implications & Follow-ups

  • Summarize the implicit or explicit implications of the study. If the researchers include such a section, just include a few of the most important points discussed. If not, can insert some commentary of clear-cut or obvious implications of the work. Also share any follow-up work discussed by the researchers.


  • Summarize any notes included by the research team on how this work is currently or might be applied in action in industry. If not included, can insert some commentary of clear-cut or obvious potential applications of the research work.

NOTE: This template, as with all SCRF standards, is intended to be a collaborative work in progress. If you have edits to suggest please comment below. Here is an example of a research summary generated based off of this template.