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Research Summary Idea: Blockchain and the Future of Digital Learning Credential Assessment and Management

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“Blockchain and the Future of Digital Learning Credential Assessment and Management”

Jirgensons, M., & Kapenieks, J. (2018). Blockchain and the future of digital learning credential assessment and management. Journal of teacher education for sustainability , 20 (1), 145-156.

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    Privacy / Scalling / Blockchain Education

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    Blockchain Education, Microcredentials, Accreditation, Blockcerts

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    Blockchain technologies provide a whole new way of accreditation without unnecessary bureaucracies. Moreover, they provide new forms of digital certification of training/course completion that are more suitable for life-long learners. As the administrative costs and the length of verification processes is increasing, new ways of thinking about educational credentials are needed. Bureaucratic nightmares are not at all that uncommon and we all want to avoid them as they are very costly in terms of resources, time, and one’s peace of mind.

    Summarizing this paper for SCRF can aid the promotion and the devlopment of microcredential platforms and tools, especially considering that microcredentials are becoming the standard in an environment like web3 where constant learning is the norm.

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