Research Summary Idea: Blockchain-Secured Smart Manufacturing in Industry 4.0: A Survey

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Blockchain-Secured Smart Manufacturing in Industry 4.0: A Survey

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    Blockchain-Secured Smart Manufacturing in Industry 4.0: A Survey | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore

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    Industry & Manufacturing

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    There are many studies regarding the application of technologies for resource organization and system operation of blockchain secured smart manufacturing in Industry 4.0, however, the promotion of blockchain systems has been impeded by various issues such as scalability, flexibility, and cybersecurity. The paper discusses eight potential cybersecurity issues and how blockchains can overcome those issue barriers in Industry 4.0. Summarizing this research paper for SCRF would be a step towards the promotion of developing blockchain systems in manufacturing sector.


As far as Iā€™m aware, our forum has never had a post discussing blockchain in the domain of manufacturing. This is also a good followup to @rljā€™s post Research Summary: SoK: Applying Blockchain Technology in Industrial Internet of Things regarding Industry 4.0. If approved, the AIoT team will summarize the paper ā€œConvergence of Blockchain and Edge Computing for Secure and Scalable IIoT Critical Infrastructures in Industry 4.0ā€. This would make for three interesting Industry 4.0-related summaries. Trifecta.


This paper does seem to bring in some interesting case studies, thank you for the suggestion @GanouTeikun! Please let @zube.paul know if you need help onboarding to the content pipeline to get started.


Thanks for the ping. This does look like an interesting paper. Great having you on the forum, @GanouTeikun.


Thank you for the approval. Looking forward on working together with the community.