Proposal to add a highlight feature on the forum

Highlighting, a feature notably present on the social network Medium, could be relevant for the SCRF forum. Indeed, being able to highlight sentences in an article can bring a lot to the readers as well as to the writers.
This article goes into more detail about how this feature has been added, improved and used over time: How Highlights on Medium changed publishing forever | Productboard .
For me the biggest advantage would be to be able to highlight a sentence in an article without having to post a comment that would not be very relevant as for example this sentence:


Thanks for the link, I enjoyed that read. It looks like there is some agreement by likes as well. Do you have a sense of how readily we could integrate this into Discourse?


I am currently setting up a Discourse test server. My goal is to get it online somewhere and we can collectively test some of these things out.

Searching around for implementations of the Medium Highlight UX hasn’t been very successful so far. At first glance I don’t see any turn key solutions for this. One aspect has been thought about by a Typescript package TextHighlighter that could be helpful.

I’ll be sure to follow up once I’ve got the test environment setup.


I am not at all familiar with Discourse but according to this post Highlight and share feature - #9 by pmusaraj - feature - Discourse Meta, the feature could already be present? (to be verified)

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I turned that feature on for logged in users as well as anonymous so we can see what it looks like.

Doesn’t seem to be doing anything I can see. Perhaps it somehow tests that the tweets actually get submitted?

Hey its working!

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