Project Post Template - Feedback & Next Steps

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After the Community Call Americas today (2/24) we discussed creating a template for Project Posts. Where web3 projects and devs can post their projects in an effort to capture and categorize the developments happening in each of the subject categories that this forum covers. There are so many projects out there, this should help the community with a repository of projects in the most objective fashion (staying away from marketing).

My suggestion for the template includes the following items:


  • Set your Project Post under an existing category on the SCRF Forum (Meta; Auditing and Security; Oracles and Data; Consensus; Scaling; Mechanism Design & Game Theory; Governance and Coordination; Cryptography; Tooling and Languages; Privacy).

What Does it Do?

  • Include a description of the project and its objectives.

How Does it Work?

  • Include a description of how the project works, how a customer interacts, or what a user is supposed to achieve.

What Problem Did Your Project Solve?

  • Include a description of the problem your project was solving.

Other Approaches to the Problem Being Solved

  • Include a list of similar projects or other current solutions that solve the same problem you are addressing.

Backstory or Inspiration

  • What inspired you to create the project? Include a description of the backstory and influences on the project.

Technical Applicability to Web3 Community at Large

  • Describe what technical solutions you’ve achieved that are different than what is out there today. If your project is open source, please feel free to document code repositories that show your unique solutions.

Conceptual Applicability to Web3 Community at Large

  • Describe what conceptual value your project brings to the web3 community at large. What big questions does it address? What paradigm is it working with?

Papers, Blogs, or Articles That Influenced Your Project

  • Create a list of citations and links to papers, blogs, articles, or other posts that influenced the project. This can also include Zotero or other citation libraries.

Questions Still to be Answered Within Your Project

  • What research questions are you still exploring? What might you need answers to that the Web3 community can help with?

Please comment with suggestions or feedback on the template! Consider: how can we get information about projects out there in an unbias and objective fashion that adds to critical development and critical thinking within the web3 space?
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This list is pretty inclusive, and the only thing I might think to suggest is that we prompt respondents to use new language to answer the questions and not simply copy/paste answers from their other literature. This could serve as a new content type that promotes accessible project descriptions that go beyond subject-specific jargon. I am not sure if a minimum or a maximum number of sentences would be appropriate for each section, but I would think that we want to keep these as “summaries” and not full-blown article length.

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Would it be useful asking about challenges they’ve faced, maybe framing it as a question about valuable research detours?


I was trying to get at that with the last question. How about reframing it as ‘Challenges or Ongoing Research Questions’? Feel free to suggest a better title. Or I can add to the text of that last section to include challenges there.


I like that as a title… we could also think about creating a little blurb in the template that would give a bit more detail about what we’re after

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A section for the other locations the material was published might be helpful. I see Chainlink using scrf quite a bit. scrf might consider requesting [prominent] recognition when material is published elsewhere.