Post Idea: Benchmarking Multilayer Blockchains

Testbed Design and Performance Analysis for Multilayer Blockchains

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    Testbed Design and Performance Analysis for Multilayer Blockchains | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

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    Multilayer blockchain, open-source, configurable, Ethereum, evm-lite

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    It can be a cumbersome process to find reliable blockchain performance benchmarks because each blockchain paper uses its own standards for benchmarking. Moreover, there are no benchmarking tools that exist for multilayer blockchains. This paper provides a definition of a parameter space - a combination of blockchain system parameters with the hardware that the blockchain runs on - and creates a system called Parameter Space Exploration. This system is highly effective at designing multilayer blockchain systems with simultaneous consideration to both power consumption and performance.

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    Blockbench, a related work:


Seems like an interesting piece of research. Do you have access to the full PDF? If not, as a SCRF member you can receive access to it.


Hey Lucas - I was thinking this would be a fairly quick and easy summary as I’m one of the original authors of this paper. I finished the summary and I’ll send you the link now!