Onboarding to SCRF - Call for Research

Hi SCRFers,

For the last several months we have been working on the onboarding process here at SCRF. We have primarily been working internally to do this. Fixing operational debt, and working to address low-hanging fruit before a full redesign. You can see a lot of the work we have been doing by checking Github, but more than not this work has been a collaboration with internal team members, through chats, and gatherings.

Over the last month we rolled out a few things:

  • Ticket system to function as applications and a collaborative space for SCRF members to hire and onboard folks
  • New categories in Discord, including “Opportunities” and “Apply Here”
  • Updates to your first entrance into the Server
  • Onboarding Bootcamps for new content creators and contractors
  • Enabled threads on Discord
  • New roles in Discord - Coming Soon @brian.alexakis
  • Documenting “institutional knowledge” - Coming Soon @Larry_Bates
  • Many other things are not listed here from various parties! Shoutout to @liberty7369 for all their help .

Why does this matter?

We’re now at a stage where we are doing a broad sweep on operational and culture research to design an onboarding process that is unique for multiple different kinds of actors (in both knowledge, experience with web3, and engagement with SCRF), focused first on your engagement with The Forum, and that is designed for bridging web3 and academia.

Going forward I will be using The Forum to document research and asking the community for help sourcing research, use cases, and adding input.

I have several resources I’m already working with and documenting in this public Zotero library.

I’d like to start by asking the community a few questions:

  • Can you describe your onboarding experience with other academic (web3 or not) forums?
  • As an academic, how does your journey typically go when you are discovering a new topic, new community, or new resource for your research?
  • How would you prioritize these onboarding needs (by most important to least important) and why: Education; Integration with Community or Team; Recruitment; Engagement; Community Support; Technical Support.