Notable Works in Mechanism Design

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  • Mechanism Design Theory
    • Prize Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
    • In 2007 Leonid Hurwicz, Eric Maskin, and Roger Myson were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for their advancement of mechanism design theory.
    • This paper delves into their works and discusses applications of the theories presented. It is a good foundation to gather other literature from regarding the evolution of mechanism design.
  • Mechanism Theory
    • Mechanism Theory by Matthew O. Jackson :: SSRN
    • Matthew O. Jackson
    • Different applications of mechanism design are presented, primarily using Dominant Strategy and Bayesian mechanism designs.
    • Provides a mathematical basis and proofs for different types of mechanisms.
  • Market Structure in Bitcoin Mining
  • Quadratic Voting: How Mechanism Design Can Radicalize Democracy
  • Credible Neutrality as a Guiding Principle
    • Credible Neutrality As A Guiding Principle
    • Vitalik Buterin
    • Defines the concept of credible neutrality for a protocol.
    • Provides an important framework for mechanism designers to qualitatively evaluate their protocols. Spawned other such principles such as governance minimization.
  • Combinatorial Information Market Design