Non-Fungible Token (NFT): Overview, Evaluation, Opportunities and Challenges

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Non-Fungible Token (NFT): Overview, Evaluation, Opportunities and Challenges

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NFTs have been growing in application and adoption in new use cases. Assessment of their technical components, protocols, standards, and desired proprieties is required to explore further possibilities such as elimination of gas fees.
With the advent of various NFT standards in blockchain systems, there are several opportunities to be derived in global markets beyond arts and other creative content.
The paper accesses various NFT token asset standards, use cases, opportunities and challenges.

Summarising this research paper for SCRF would be a step towards the promotion of developing other NFT use cases and reshape business paradigms. There are possibilities in various fields including ticketing, warehousing, IP and other forms asset tokenisation on the blockchain.


This seems like a great fit for the forum. Content from Research Pulse more often than not is going to connect with what the forum is looking for, but I appreciate the work you put in to discuss the value to forum.

I’m going to ask the community to also take a look at this in our chat, but I believe this will be something that the content team takes a look at next to evaluate coverage needs.


The future with Nft looks beautiful, how does one get in their hands of some NFt’s ?

@GloriaOkoba, there are several platforms offering NFT projects and NFT marketplaces. Some notable ones are Opensea, Rarible,, Immutable X etc.

You could even mint your own NFTs.