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What is SCRF

The Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) is a premier, open discourse hub dedicated to web3 advancement with tools in place to amplify the latest quality research, reward contributions, deliver insights, and facilitate industry connections. Composed of an active international community, SCRF connects academic researchers with blockchain innovators to collaborate on solutions.

This post is for new community members who want to learn about and get involved with SCRF. Please note SCRF pays bounties and recognizes community members who write comments and research summaries for the forum.

Welcome to SCRF Checklist

  • Join SCRF’s Discord and introduce yourself in the #general chat to start engaging with our open and welcoming community
  • Attend a Community Call that works best with your timezone to learn about projects and how to get involved

Relevant Links




  • Twitter: join SCRF’s public web3 conversations
  • LinkedIn: connect with SCRF supporters


  • YouTube: watch videos on blockchain advancements
  • Apple Podcasts: listen to discussions on web3 research topics

What Next?

Feel free to hop in the discord or email us at to connect.

If you are interested in crafting a research summary, feel free to submit an Idea Proposal Form. Otherwise, visit the Open Positions section on our GitHub to see what roles are open at SCRF.