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What is SCRF

The Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) is a premier, open discourse hub dedicated to web3 advancement with tools in place to amplify the latest quality research, reward contributions, deliver insights, and facilitate industry connections. Composed of an active international community, SCRF connects academic researchers with blockchain innovators to collaborate on solutions.

This post is for new community members who want to learn about and get involved with SCRF. Please note SCRF pays bounties and recognizes community members who write comments and research summaries for the forum.

Welcome to SCRF Checklist

  • Join SCRF’s Discord and introduce yourself in the #general chat to start engaging with our open and welcoming community
  • Attend a Community Call that works best with your timezone to learn about projects and how to get involved

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What Next?

Feel free to hop in the discord or email us at to connect.

If you are interested in crafting a research summary, feel free to submit an Idea Proposal Form. Otherwise, visit the Open Positions section on our GitHub to see what roles are open at SCRF.


It’s really amazing I got to find a DAO like this, I’m a newbie that love anything research and stuffs, though I’ve worked with some DAO’s, but I find SCRF so unique. I have some questions for the SCRF team:

  • how can a new SCRF member gain cred?

  • is the SCRF team thinking of a plan to have its own token?

  • Is there a possibility of the SCRF running into bankruptcy soon ?


Hi @Freakytainment, thanks for hopping on the forum and for the questions.

One thing I want to point out is that we are not trying to be a DAO at this point, though we do place a lot of emphasis on growing our community and enabling them to get more involved.

  1. Please refer to this github doc that layouts SourceCred at SCRF
  2. No, as of this time, we are not planning a token. We want to see how much is possible via a forum, grants, and community prior to considering other incentive mechanism structures
  3. Not at this point in time. We are in a fortunate position of having a committed, well-capitalized funder who is sticking with us in the current market conditions

Hope to see you around in the discord and on the forum!


Hey everyone! I’m Gift I am an undergraduate in social science and computer literate,with a long time interest in blockchain – I run a club on my campus, excited learn and experiment more with all of the tools and research already developed from the SCRF! I I’ve been studying about what the smart contract and the forum entails and I would like to communicate with others here. I can’t wait to engage and learn from this community and fit in this great community


Welcome to the forum, Gift! Thank you for the brief introduction. I’m looking forward to your various contributions to the discussions here on the forum. If you are also looking to connect with people, you should also join our Discord chat.


Good evening everyone, I’m really happy to join this platform, just got in while I was making a research. I’m a marketer, designer and entrepreneur. I’m also good in writing and doing some editing jobs. I’d be so pleased to contribute my little quarter here.


I am owolabi by name, i am new on this wonderful platform, i am into web designer, researcher and a writer. Got referred by a friend and if presented the opportunity will wish to have a significant contribution.


You are welcome @Howodee.

You should check out this amazing resource link by @Tolulope SCRF Recommends


Hey everyone, I’m lisayanky, I’m happy to join this platform, I’m good in creating and innovating ideas also good at writing. I’d be pleased to study and make significant contribution to smart contract research forum.


Hello Everyone. I’m Kimberly. I am relatively new to the Forum. As a former academic, new to the web 3.0 space, I was really drawn in by the research summaries.



I am Charles Freeborn from Nigeria, and I learned about the SCRF from a former colleague at Protocol Labs yesterday. I am a technical writer with a background in Computer Science. I worked briefly with Protocol Labs and got hooked on helping to build the next generation of the internet. Super excited to be here.


Hi My name is @Kvngdrvy and its nice to be in this wonder platform am very interested in the idea of web3 and blockchain and what it can offer to the world of technology innovation .


Hello @Kvngdrvy welcome to the SCRF forum, it’s really cool to have you here onboard. It’s really amazing here, you can follow up SCRF on Twitter and also on Discord for more info


Hi everyone my name is Marjane, I am actually new in this space, my key interest is data privacy and Blockchain. I also wish to sharpen my skills in writing research summary. Thanks.


Hello…! Have a good day, Smile:)


Hello everyone, I’m Amazingdez I am a computer literate, I’m into graphics and web design, Marketing and Advertisement and I have a degree in Business Administration…
I’m new to the forum and I’m still learning a few things on SCRF!. it’s so nice to be here, I’ll try to learn all I can to support this great community.


Hello everyone,i am Jasmine, new here… I’m into graphic designs and practically a computer analyst. Just learnt about SCRF from a friend,the research aspect got me because i love making research and analyzing the research…I intend contributing towards the growth of the community. Thank you


Hello everyone, my name is chidike, I started my cryptocurrency journey in 2018 with my main focus initially based on understanding basic Cryptocurrency market psychology as regards to trading. A friend of mine introduced me to this forum to further broaden my knowledge on blockchain, learn new things, share ideas and also contribute where necessary. Thanks.


Welcome here @D4th Its nice to meet you, we’d all appreciate your contributions here and we look forward to seeing the best from you.
You check through the website and Join the scrf chat to know more about SCRF & meet other contributors.


Hello everyone, my name is Gbenga, I recently started having interest in cryptocurrency and web3 and wish to improve and have better understand of blockchain, all that it offers and also contribute to this community. Thanks.