New project: Crypto Wake - An archive of inactive, failed, and otherwise deceased crypto projects with lessons worth remembering


Introducing a new SCRF-supported wiki exploring the lessons from gone and often forgotten crypto projects, currently being piloted by the Media Enterprise Design Lab. Please contribute entries, or just ideas for entries!

Core Research Question

What be learned from crypto projects that failed in practice but bear important lessons for future designs?


See the pilot website at


Crypto moves quickly. Projects come and go. In markets full of volatility and speculation, success or failure is not always the clearest indicator of the quality of the underlying ideas. Important ideas may appear in a given project alongside the lousy ones that doom it. Lousy ideas, also, may seem to flourish because they appeared at an opportune time. Regardless of the quality of an idea, it can bear lessons.

The culture that dominates in crypto tends to focus on the future, as if that is all that matters. Memory is short. But there is much to be learned for the future from even the short history of crypto experiments. Crypto Wake is a platform for doing that learning together.

Crypto Wake is an archive of inactive, failed, and otherwise deceased crypto projects with lessons worth remembering. It is a collaborative wiki that welcomes contributions from those who remember or who are learning to do so.

Get involved

We would love to involve the SCRF community in building this resource. Is there a project you would like to make sure gets remembered? Please visit our Contributing page for details on how to do that. We’re especially looking for:

  • Authors of wiki pages on crypto projects
  • Suggestions of crypto projects we should include (see the placeholders here)

Thanks to SCRF for financial support for getting this project going!


Any early patterns that you’ve gleaned? I wanted to add which was my favorite failed project but found out it’s still trading

I think it is still too early to see patterns forming. But we are planning to make the “lessons” a tag structure so that we see where they are repeated.

Would you be up for helping with The website is offline, so I think it is fair game. Made you a placeholder:) files/docs/stories/ · master · Media Enterprise Design Lab / Crypto Wake · GitLab


I’ll give it a shot! thank you!