Literature Summary on Regulatory Frameworks, Enforcement, and Smart Contracts

The following list is a running accumulation of resources devoted to studying ToS and Smart Contracts’ intersection. SCRF will continually update the list as new articles come to publication.

The genesis of the revolution in Contract Law (

Smart Contracts in Traditional Contract Law, Or: The Law of the Vending Machine (

The Limits of Smart Contracts - ProQuest

Regulating smart contracts: Legal revolution or simply evolution? - ScienceDirect

Smart Contracts and the Illusion of Automated Enforcement (

Smart (legal) contracts, or: Which (contract) law for smart contracts?

The Stakes of Smart Contracts (

Smart Contracts and the Role of Law (

MOATcoin: Exploring Challenges and Legal Implications of Smart Contracts Through a Gamelike DApp Experiment (

Contracts Ex Machina (

Smart Contracts: (How) Do They Fit Under Existing Legal Frameworks?

Smart contracts in view of the civil code (

Blocked-Chain: The Application of the Unauthorized Practice of Law to Smart Contracts (

Vista de Estado legal de los contratos inteligentes: características, papel, significado (


The Legal Meaning of Smart Contracts(

What Is Wrong in the Debate About Smart Contracts (

Book-Smart, Not Street-Smart: Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and The Social Workings of Law | Levy | Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (

The impact of blockchain technologies and smart contracts on dispute resolution: arbitration and court
litigation at the crossroads(

ScholarSpace at University of Hawaii at Manoa: Blockchain Framework in Digital Government for the Certification of Authenticity, Timestamping and Data Property

View of Smart Contracts: legal frontiers and insertion into the Creative Economy (

The-Formation-of-Smart-Contracts-and-Beyond-Shaking-the-Fundamentals-of-Contract-Law.pdf (

Smart Contracts, Blockchain, and the Next Frontier of Transactional Law 13 Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts 2017-2018 (

The-Challenge-From-MPEG-Intellectual-Property-Rights-Ontologies-to-Smart-Contracts-and-Blockchains-Standards-in-a-Nutshell.pdf (

The Minimum Hybrid Contract (MHC) | Proceedings of the Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (

Culture, Art, Intellectual Property: Benefits of Smart Contracts and Blockchain(

Smart Contracts and Smart Disclosure: Coding a GDPR Compliance Framework


Panel #11 - THE LAW AND LEGALITY OF SMART CONTRACTS 1 Georgetown Law Technology (

Cryptokitties, Cryptography and Copyright (

Regulatory Fitness: Fintech, Funny Money, and Smart Contracts (

A multi-type and decentralized data transaction scheme based on smart contracts and digital watermarks - ScienceDirect

A Unifying Model of Legal Smart Contracts | SpringerLink

Smart Contracts, Bitcoin Bots, and Consumer Protection (

Transforming Public Procurement Contracts Into Smart Contracts

Online Dispute Resolution for Smart Contracts

Smart contracts: Terminology, technical limitations and real world complexity (

Blockchains and Online Dispute Resolution: Smart
Contracts as an Alternative to Enforcement

Blockchain and smart contracts: the missing link in copyright licensing? | International Journal of Law and Information Technology | Oxford Academic (

Adapted smart home services based on smart contracts and service level agreements - Staifi - - Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience - Wiley Online Library

Frontiers | Smart Contracts Contracts | Blockchain (

Smart Contracts for Service-Level Agreements
in Edge-to-Cloud Computing

Legal Aspects and Emerging Risks in the Use of Smart Contracts Based on Blockchain | SpringerLink

All watched over by machines of loving grace: A critical look at smart contracts - ScienceDirect

On and Off-Blockchain Enforcement of Smart Contracts | SpringerLink

Blockchains and Smart Contracts: A Threat for the Legal Industry? | SpringerLink

Creating markets in no-trust environments: The law and economics of smart contracts - ScienceDirect

Legal Recognition of Blockchains (

Blockchain Challenges Traditional Contract Law: Just How Smart Are Smart Contracts? (

Cryptocurrencies are (smart) contracts - ScienceDirect

A Triplicate Smart Contract Model using Blockchain Technology (

Enforcing-Human-Subject-Regulations-using-Blockchain-and-Smart-Contracts.pdf (

Enforcing trustworthy cloud SLA with witnesses: A game theory–based model using smart contracts - Zhou - - Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience - Wiley Online Library

Dispute-Resolution-for-Smart-Contract-based-Two-Party-Protocols.pdf (

Crypto Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is a complex legal… | by CleanApp | Crypto Law Review | Medium

Casper Disaster: Zamfir v. CasperLabs | by CleanApp | Crypto Law Review | Mar, 2021 | Medium

View of Smart Contract in Blockchain: An Exploration of Legal Framework in Malaysia (

Smart Contracts in Insurance: A Law and Futurology Perspective | SpringerLink

Privacy Laws, Genomic Data and Non-Fungible Tokens | Published in The Journal of The British Blockchain Association (

Modernizing International Trade Law to Support Innovation and Sustainable Development - Proceedings of the Congress of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (


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