Let's create a community thread

There have been some terrific discussions on our Discord lately. Maybe it’s time to create a place on the Forum where we can continue those informal discussions and expand them. A community thread could also provide a home for event announcements, our passport program, and future reading groups. Let me know what you think!


I think this would be great - it seems like many of the Discord discussions don’t necessarily belong to any of the existing posts on our forum though at the same time would be great to publicize and share with our broader community.

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This is an awesome idea. I think it would be easier to contribute to topics if they are in an informal group. I would like to suggest “SCRF Bar & Bants” as a channel title :smile:. I’d also love to join a reading group.


I think that is a great idea to implement. So, do we need to create a new forum for this purpose or just plug it into the existing forum on this domain?


Hi Everyone!

I have been quietly toiling away at building a test Discord server to roll out the overhaul of the current SCRF Discord.

Expect a Meta post on the new Discord very soon to further open the discussion on this effort.

The primary goal of Discord is to promote quality activity on the SCRF forum. In this way, Discord serves as a good venue for less formal discussions that syncs in well with community building.

One feature I suggest could be of great use to capture a more focused chat on Discord within a channel is the Thread feature. It provides a great way to bridge a conversation from Discord into a quality Forum post. Threads can be archived and linked to which makes it easy to share (URL link), pin, and invite others into the discussion.

Currently, the SCRF Discord does not use this feature but it is working on the test server.

Threads allow multiple topics in a channel to exist and grow with their own dedicated space temporarily without having to commit to a new channel for the server. They make it easier to follow along with an unexpected topic that gains popularity and eliminates confusion when multiple, big topics are happening within a single channel.



@jmcgirk I’m all for this, but how we would manage the mechanics of it has always eluded me. However, after reading up on Discord “threads” mentioned by @brian.alexakis below, I see the potential to use that utility.

Discord threads have a time-limit, but that could actually be a good thing for our purposes. We could set it for 1 or 2 days, and then move the archived thread (manually or via bot) to our Forum channel, publicize the thread as something to visit and add to on the Forum, and let its life continue there, with the “Discord vibe” of the original conversation setting the tone.


I’m also like this idea as it will give us a more obvious place to post some of the material that is currently in the Meta category and also takes advantage of the long-tail strengths of the forum like @rlombreglia hightlighted.

To @Mark-Chen’s question about needing to make a new forum, we would not need to do that. We would just add a category to this forum so it would exist alongside the other categories.

And I also love the idea of the reading group, so hopefully we can do some additional discussion about it @Tolulope. Maybe we can work together to get some momentum going.

One of the questions that I have about this new category is what the pinned posts would be? All of the other categories have pinned posts like “notable works” and “key problems.” This category wouldn’t necessarily have those, but there should probably be some type of pinned posts that helps people figure out what the category is about and helps people know what to be doing in the Community category.

Any ideas about what those key pinned posts might be?


@zube.paul I would totally love to work together to lay the groundwork for the reading group.


I look forward to collaborating with you on this. I believe there are several people interested as well. It’s an important part of this community category that @jmcgirk proposed, but it certainly isn’t the only thing that would happen in this category.

It might help to take a look at some of our prior work on this as well. We tried an asynchronous version of a reading group in the past that had some engagement. We also tried a few versions in a community call.

We should put together a group of people to iterate on the work from before.

I’m also still interested in what the “pinned” content in this community category might be. I’m thinking it might be a place where we can create some how-to or expectation setting documents for engaging with SCRF overall.

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