Discussion: how to understand and participate in scrf irrespective of your discipline

This is like a discussion topic, I get confused in many things on SCRF as a structural Engineer, Mostly the topics that are been deliberated here, the kinds of computer related terminologies used mostly by people who understands this course. And I know many other participants in this great forum are in the confussion state as I am. Many of us would be interested to start studying individually the fundamentals of Smart contract , Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies e.t.c.

-What are the best possible way to start learning the fundamentals of these listed topics above.

  • A few list of good textbooks to get acquinted with.
  • Many other related topics to focus on.

I would appreciate learning more about blockchain and smart contracts through small, organized, daily email drips. This would help focus my attention.

I don’t have the capacity right now to help put this in place, but daily learning would keep me plugged in and learning steadily. I would feel more connected to the community.


That will be nice @kdouglass , Do you know how I can start getting email write up about these mentioned topics.

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As an organization, SCRF is not designed to be a space to initially learn about web3, blockchain, etc. As an organization, we are dedicated to building a space where industry and academia can network around, discuss, curate, and experiment with the technologies building web3. We do have a post dedicated to resources that people who are newer to web3 might find useful in their learning journey.


Thanks Soo much for this enlightment, I will try and read through the resources you recommended.

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Another very important way to learn is to follow industry trends. For instance, the Ethereum merge trend was a great way to learn about PoW and PoS.

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nice one @Desotech. This question have been on my mind since and glad your aired it out ,
let hope are been refer to testbook as you mention or relatated topic to fous on.

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@Progrezz Sir, what’s the full meaning of Pow and pos you talked about?


PoW is proof of work. It is the consensus mechanism employed by bitcoin and formerly used by Ethereum

PoS is proof of Stake. It is the consensus mechanism employed by Solana, and now Ethereum etc.

We have other consensus mechanism aside the above.


Thank you for your clear explanation.