DAO maturity research

My folks,

My research team is working on a DAO maturity model that aims to provide a common framework for assessing DAO governance standards. if you have contributed to multiple DAOs & want to further help advance the space, we would love to hear from you and get your feedback on our early models through our survey.

Below is the bounty link for the survey, which you can get rewarded for completing. Many thanks to those who participate!


I’m interested, would be a pleasure allowing me to contribute to the platform. Thanks alot. And is there any onboarding task apart from this survey?

it’s just the survey for now, thank you!

Okay I’d do just that ASAP.

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This is a very interesting survey…did fill in and asked a question on how to manage conflicts within DAOs…?

hi @Anthropunk - do you have any other DAO creation resources? Or can talk with a team building a DAO? We have an existing product, huge network, and are moving to a DAO structure. I would put our DAO maturity on the novice side :slight_smile: , but we have a lot to work with.