Comment of the Month: October 2022

Comment of the Month honors the most insightful, informative, and provocative comments posted to the SCRF Forum in a given month. High quality forum contributions are hard work, and Comment of the Month recognizes the care and effort put into these contributions by selecting the top three comments, chosen by our community in a public poll, awarding them a DAI prize, and highlighting them on our social media outlets.

To nominate a comment, reply to this post with a link to the comment being nominated and a short description of your reasons for selecting it. The following guidelines might also be helpful in supporting nominations:

  • Comment provided a particularly thoughtful question
  • Comment provided and explained external quality sources to support ideas
  • Comment included engagement with comments and elaborated on previous ideas
  • Comment provides a summary of discussion or raises new points in the discussion
  • Comment accurately applies the research and discussion to a current event or industry trend.
  • Comment increases understanding of the original research or helps clarify confusions.

At the end of the month, these nominations will be put into a poll and voting will be open to our community.


Likely one of many nominations from the writers cohort.

This post did a great job of both engaging with the prior discussion on the thread as well as moving it forward as a discussion. There are good uses of examples and the reasoning here is laid out well.


The post is engaging and gives an illustrative view on the original post using clear and laid down example. It gave a clear context and increased understanding to the original post.


I am nominating this post by @HomicidalChicken. It was their first post on the forum too!

This was a great response to a post seeking feedback on a few potential solutions to blockchain security concerns. Not only was this post helpful to the original poster, it also shared some valuable resources.


I really enjoy reading so many comments from the writers cohort, so many are filled with high contents, they’re comprehendible and straight forward especially posts from @Ulysses and @Freakytainment. Their posts get me intrigued. But presently I’d be nominating this post, I so much enjoyed reading through and got easy answers to my questions. It’s really engaging and comprehensive.


I am nominating @BenjaminMukoro’s comments on SoulBound tokens.


I am nominating this comment by @HomicidalChicken for not only it’s quality question, but also because it picks up the question @Hermes_Corp asked so that the conversation around that question can continue.


I’m nominating @Humphery for their comment answering a question on the forum.

This comment does two things well. First, it addresses the original question well and provides a through answer through both defining and also demonstrating what the Oracle Problem is. Second, it makes good use of references to support claims.


I’m nominating @Cashkid18 for their comment on ENS vs. DNS

This was a thoroughly explained post that provided a pretty good summary of the topic at hand in the thread. The exploration of potential problem areas was particularly helpful and provides good starting points for future discussion on this thread.


Below is the poll for the October 2022 Comment of the Month. Voting is now open and will close in 10 days. Thank you to all making nominations for recognizing the great work forum participants have been making.
Results will be visible once the poll closes.

October 2022 Comment of the Month Poll
  • @wmflies argued that there are some DeFi business models that are not readily comparable to more traditional financial models. The Terra ecosystem was then analyzed as an example and provide some insight into the functioning of that ecosystem. Here is the original comment.
  • @ulysses provides a summary of sandwich attacks in a thread about preventing sandwich attacks. This comment also makes the argument that sandwich attacks are “unethical and impact the DeFi ecosystem negatively.” Read the original comment here.
  • @HomicidalChicken responded to a post from a community member providing feedback on solutions to smart contract security challenges. The post provides good analysis of each solution and question and also links to useful resources. Here is the original comment.
  • @Freakytainment continued a conversation on a research summary examining flash loans. This comment provided a thorough conceptual summary and also identified a few flash loan attack types. Here is the original comment.
  • @BenjaminMukoro contributed to the Soulbound Tokens discussion with both some clarification of the concepts and adding an important question regarding the inevitability of centralization tendencies in DAOs. Here is the original comment.
  • @Humphery provided a thorough answer to an open question on the forum regarding the oracle problem. This post provides an overview and summary and also examples to demonstrate how the problem manifests. Here is the original comment.
  • @HomicidalChicken furthered the NFT wash trading discussion by both reminding the community about a question needing attention and also contributing an additional question about wash trading’s market impact. This comment questions if wash trading’s impact can just be measured directly or if indirect measures should also be investigated. Here is the original comment.
  • @Cashkid18 differentiated between ENS and DNS at length to help clarify those concepts. Additionally, several issues were identified with ENS that help move the conversation forward toward action with a bias toward application of research. Here is the original comment.

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