Brickken - WhitePaper (tokenizing the world)

Here is an interesting project; they are the first ones to completely decentralize a tokenization platfrom allowing anyone within a few clicks to Tokenize any asset, anywhere.

Do you mind sharing a few more details about what makes it interesting from a research perspective? How is this a revolutionary tokenization platform / dApp - is there a technological breakthrough or a new application of an existing system?

Yes there is. Our dApp will allow third parties to use our technology and issue their STOs without intermediaries while remaining legally compliant. It will be true decentralized tokenization platform, unlike many we see in today’s market, where they use blockchain technology but do not act different than any other provider, or crowdfunding platform centralizing the whole issuance flow.Furthermore, the STO factory we are developing, will incorporate a reward/penalty system by which Good Actors will receive staking in the form of BKN that could be sold or used to deploy additional STOs or services payable in BKN. Opposedly, Bad Actors will be penalised seeing their BKN deposits slashed and will be included in a Blacklist. This is a first of its kind in the tokenization platform, as we aim to have self-sustainable environment for STOs.Lastly, we will create a DAO which will decide future upgrades in protocol, but also how the SOCIAL pool we will create shall be use, to fund projects that are ESG compliant.Our project has many angles, and we have adopted true decentralization and sustainability to make it the first of its kind. Please read the whitepaper, which is also available in html format in

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Hi, BknVince from Brickken:
At first, thank you for willing to provide your discovery and business plan with us. It’s exciting to see new faces in this realm.

In SCRF, most of the time we focus on moon maths and protocols, where the topics are mostly computer science related things. For blockchain, economics (mechanic/incentive design) is also regularly considered, as it’s necessary for a blockchain system to sustain, maintaining its consensus (algorithms).

Although we are also deeply concerned with the current directions where blockchain is going - we talked about CDBC strategies/governance/legal issues all the time - it’s not focused on a certain project or situation.

The key point is: it’s very possible that your target audiences don’t exist here.

People who check SCRF regularly, are mostly engineers, or people who are seeking for niche and curated discussions by experts you’re not likely to see anywhere else. They’d expect to see computer science theories, and constructive discussions about ongoing policies, governance concerns, etc.

Although the mass adaptation of various financial applications that will earn ppl $ is, in a way, important - and I understand that you wanna make investment with diversified portfolio (tokenized) easier for investors - it’s not something people who read SCRF would consider novel work(the punishment is usual practices), nor would them care about your project.

Of course, I think it can surely bring people value - just that you’re in the wrong place to introduce your ideas. Sorry about that.

I wish you and your project success - Good luck, BknVince.