Benefits of SCRF

How can the writeup/Research in SCRF Benefit anyone who Visit’s this Forum, Irrespective of Discipline or Course of study in college. Because it seems to me this Forum is best for people that studied Computer related courses.


I’ve been thinking about a similar question – it’s hard to onboard into the Web3 Research community without sufficient background knowledge.

I think this forum being best suited for those who have studied some computer science is a feature not a bug. Blockchain technology will always be most suited to those who are willing to put the time and effort in to learn it. A lot of learning on this topic can totally happen outside of universities (and there are still few universities with blockchain-specific coursework though the number is growing rapidly).

Still, it should be easier for anyone to learn what they need to in order to understand research. I think there’s at least two general principles that make it easier for people who are new to get involved.

  1. Avoiding Acronyms and Unneeded Jargon: acronyms are an easy way to keep people out of the conversation for the slim benefit of saving a scant few seconds while typing. If someone doesn’t understand what you’re talking about because you use an unfamiliar acronym they will leave instead of participate. Yet, sometimes just spelling the words out might allow them to see that it is is something they’re familiar with. The same principle extends to jargon that’s not needed.

  2. Specifying Prerequisite Knowledge: One of the hardest things about acquiring advanced knowledge is that it builds on a foundation of simpler concepts and you often can’t skip down the chain without losing understanding. To really understand blockchains, you first need to understand hash functions, digital signatures, and peer-to-peer networks. To really understand hash functions, you need to know what bits and bytes are, complexity, and at least some cryptography. Therefore, it would be extremely useful (and time-consuming) to have prerequisite knowledge clearly listed, preferably with links or explanations to learn more. Because of how time-consuming this could be, this might be best part of content targeted towards beginners


I re-categorized this as meta because I think it aligns a little better there. This is a great and core question for SCRF. I believe that @UmarKhanEth did a great job of getting this discussion going and is on point with the goal of the forum and SCRF when it comes to audience. That said, we also have a thread to help assemble some of those resources to better initially understand Web3 and the technologies involved so that our community can do some of the self-directed education needed to help us as a whole have the types of discussions that move the space forward: new questions, new problems, new perspectives, old solutions to new problems, and a synthesis of all of the above.


Personally SCRF is like a school for writers, professionals and learners where everyone’s got the privilege of expressing thought made from quality research. SCRF improves your knowledge on web 2.0, 3.0 through collective knowledge and thought sharing.


Here are some of the benefits i think you could get from this platform;

  1. Understanding fundamental elements and building block of the blockchain industry.
  2. Understanding the trends of the industry.
  3. Becoming an authority in an area you have interest.
  4. Belonging to a community that is learned and willing to share.

I have benefited greatly from this quality discourse we have in the community.


To add to your excellent commentary, i have an advise for people who share knowledge on this platform and for newbies.

For those sharing knowledge:
The simpler the sentence you used to covey your idea the better it is to comprehend. So, i advise that you should try to use simple terms to convey what you want to share.

For Newbies:
Learning basics such as wallet, exchange, private keys, Defi, Smart contract, DAO etc will help you to navigate the platform. This will help you to get started and get going.


Nice respond, brief and educative.

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Thanks for your respond.
your number 3 says becoming an authority on your area, I hope is not meant for only areas related to computer and Crypto industries. Other area of studies, could it be treated as well?


The Blockchain and crypto industry has lots of sub niches. Whichever you decide to focus on you’ll become an authority in it. You lead by knowledge.


It’s an educative response.

Not everyone in the SCRF community understand the terms most of us uses in the group.

But I think using simple concepts will bring more meaning to what you are trying to pass across to people.