Adding a "Hardware" category

Several researchers I’m working with, as part of our AIoT Blockchain project, are planning to create summaries for several AI/IoT/Blockchain-related papers. I put my “Convergence of Blockchain, IoT, and AI” paper under the Scaling category, but I was thinking that there should be a category more fitting, and would like to suggest that a new category be added to the forum: “Hardware”.


I like the idea of grouping IoT into a new category, lots of interesting things happening there but hardware would probably have some meaning for people in the IoT space but anyone outside might confuse it with generalized hardware or anything crypto-aligned like hardware wallets, miners, local nodes, secure enclaves, quantum computing, etc.

Feels to me like a category for IoT is needed to encompass the discipline, then things like AI or ML or Hardware could be tags that provide some color to the IoT post specifically as not all IoT papers necessarily include those things.

AI is broadly applicable as well so could be applied as a tag to any of the other categories. For example, I just recently had a chat with a group that is thinking about applying ML to governance issues…


That is true that a Hardware category might have too broad of implications for things like research on ASIC miners or the quantum attack rather than on specifically IoT. @jmcgirk has also suggested IoT as a category.
Recently I’ve been digging into its involvement in generating data for smart contracts from the perspective of an oracle framework.


@fmendoz7 - I’d be interested in hearing your take on this suggestion, do you think there’s enough work being published about IoT and hardware to warrant a separate category? What do you think?

@jmcgirk you could, but this heavily relies on computer architectural standards and hardware optimization than anything Blockchain-specific. The focus would be on IoT while Blockchain takes a secondary role in the context of an application than an enabling platform

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You raise a good point, the forum is about blockchain technology so if we make a category it would have to call that out, like “IoT and the Blockchain”

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