A "Research Pulse" Category

Keeping up with new research is perhaps one of the biggest pain points in this space. Academic papers on the broad research field we call crypto are published on a daily basis, and it can be challenging to assess whether a paper is worth diving into.

My suggestion is to create a “Research Pulse” category where we simply post basic information (title, link, abstract) on curated papers that might be promising. This could foster conversations without the need for a full research summary. An added benefit is that the category itself could be one of the pipelines for research summaries.

I personally have 70+ alert queries on Google Scholar to try and keep up with new publications. Since I’m already doing a lot of curation, I volunteer to start posting new publications if we decide to move forward with this category. Please let me know what you guys think.


This is a fantastic idea! We want to be as inclusive as possible with research and ideas, and it may be more democratic if the forum was able to see a feed of new research from which summaries are being created without anyone deciding whether it is “worthy” to read immediately or not. Some pieces may not be relevant immediately, and this type of feed would make it less of a task to arbitrarily decide if it’s a “must-read” piece or not.


This is a great idea! It may be pertinent to come up with an engagement threshold or something similar for posts in this specific category indicating if a paper should elicit a full research summary or not. For example, meeting a certain number of “likes” or “replies.” Just a thought!